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this&is gonna be big. hp moonshot. it's time to build a better enterpri. together. neil: something i want you to think about. harry reid pitting black against whe, what seems he trodded out this familiar shift pump. >> it has been obvious they are doing everything they can to make him fail. and i hope, and hope, i say this seriously, i hope thatt is based on substance not the fact he is an african-american. ne: canou believe this? still doing this? still blaming racism for those unwilling to race to the president's agenda? the democrats agenda, hea spending but aa agenda clearly spent.
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and a health care law on life support. many democrats afraid to run on it. unions wanting nothing to do with it. are they racist,arry? or do you saf save this talk for republicans. it has nothing to do with black versus white, just with harry trying to divide and concur. it is a -- conquer. we have a senate leader charged with se open charges of big atryry, we have come a long way, all the more reason to tell harry to go now, welcome am neil cavuto, and i don't know any other way to say it harry reid has to pack his bags and just beat it, beating his racist drum has to stop, those who oppose the president's agendarnott racist, a -- agenda are not racist, a lot of them are rlists it has nhing do
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to do with the col or color of skin. we are spending, that does not make republicans bigots for saying it but it proving harry reid is an idiot for not saying it harry kws ty are right. he is just up against a wall, doesn't know howell to fight. here is the danger brands his bigots who those are not big on what president wants, everyone is a bigot pretty sson, and you republican out of friends, unions they don flip over health care, small businesses they don't flip over being scrutinized b the irs. and everyone else in between because they don't flip over still,rying to make ends meet in the recovery that does not cut. these groups are not racist of they are americans. and you better get the difference, harry. on your way out. because it is time to debate our
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country's future with adults who come up with real solutions, not slurs and racial ep together of. accusations to mass their own failures should be long gone too. th should be you harry, have you cheaped the debate, yourself and the president of the united stes, those who use race to win an argument have to pack and g i said it before, i will say i again, i have no problem wit the color of a politician's spent, i have a very big problem with the sickness of them, democrat, and republicans, on dangers of using race to me your case, good to have you back congressman. >> good to talk to you. neil: you were wooed to become a republican you had it with the double speak of democrats now hearing about latest charges that those who oppose
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president's agenda are secretly racist, what do you make of that and. >> the first thing i thought about neil, i heard harry reid's comes, remember that old commercial they had on the air, when we were kids, where the olderrothers we take the cereal they didn't want a and ge it to mikey saying give it t mikey, he will eat anything, harry reid is give it to harry he will say anything about american politic, last year, harry reid of running around the country spreading unsubstanceiated rumors about mitt romney's taxes, refusing to put forward any evidence for it, in 2008 harry rd was making unsubstantiated smears about john mccain's character. this is what he does, it is outrageous in th the context ofa serious contest in america.
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this is a guy who will say anything, then run from it let's also not forget 7 years ago, this is the guyho said, that barack obama was notable because he was the rare african-american politicians who did not speak in harry reid's words, yet o yet on quote, unquote, negroro i d leg. gro di dialect. neil: i forgot about that. >> 50% of the country does not prove to the job that barack obama is doing, i you go to those amecans that represent every strand of the spectrum from conservativeemocrats who look at obam obamacare and realg it is not doing anything it
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promised too, doing many things it promised it would not do, to younger americans who are trying to find a job. to all kinds of americans who don't see this administration keeping its promises in issue after issue. you ask that 50% of americans, do you think you are racist for not approvining of te job tt the president is doing? they don't buy this harry reid says the things to put republicans on the defensive, and says these things to make republicans have to get defensive about these things, he is not trying to persuade a single human being. neil: should he be working harder on persuading the rank-and-file that were supporting this health care law in the beginning, who are now not. a lot of business groups remember early on backers they were told they would be exempted from in of the more onurus with
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the law, does he have a problem with the base of the democratic party than anything with that other party >> you could d a whole program for 5 days, every day o the week, on flaws in obamacare, you would have your audience needing to know more. we could go issue by issue. we could look at the facts that businesses are making decisio right now to walk away from their private health insurance plans. they are breaking their promise to their employees because obamacare is making it financially feasible for them to do that, and actually encouraging them to do that. you can talk about many middle class families, that have good health insurance plans that are now told cause of the cadillac tax they have to may more in terms of premiums. you c talk about all manner of people who are seeing their
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premiums go up, we sawhio survey. and rise in premiums in ohio. we could talk about the low-income americans who are not going to beovered by subsidies for middle class people, becau the obama administration has medicaid expansion in the way that state will pick ul the bills in 4 years issue because of the wa way that expansion of designed you can talk about 6 million middle or lower income americans who are in jeopardy of falling through the cracks of obama character. you going issue by issue. or aspect by aect of obamacare, and find way that is not working, guesst? thedministration knows it is notorking they take particular pieces of it say we'll postpone this, and delay this.
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we find out this morning onef the signature items in obamacare, that health insurance companies supposedly have to cap your expenses or have to cap what you have to pay, that was provisions are quietly pushed aside. for another year to give insurance companies a chance to adjustment so, this is not workin that is why the american people are not happy about what they are seeing in this second term could if they could have a do-over from november 6, we know what would happen. neil: tell you, congressm, i know you personally have dealt with this racism issue. you took a lot of heat. but you stood your ground. thank you, sir. >> thank you, neil. neil: you mht a wellall it the internaleven disservice, still targets nowccused of stonewalling, tea arty with the spark miles card om capital one,
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his investigation into the handling of former senate candidate kristine o'donnell's tax record, o'donnell was a key member of tea party ear on. what is the latest you hear? >> well, the latest is that senator grassley sene letter to division of revenue saying, you know when did you access the records? just to sum it up, what happens, the day i announcedny campaign, a erroneous tax lien poppeup on m records, they dismissed it as a computer error. forward 3 years later, i find out from a criminal investigator on that same day, somebody illegally, accessed my records, and may have misused them in their own words. neil: do you know who might have
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aked it? now we know, it was e-mails back and forth between irs, we don't know anything sinister happened. but we kn they we communicating. >> right. come on, the fact that media ard about this tax lien before i did, we don't know who lea it, t there something going on in the departmt of revenue, and the irs. and the fact that the government officials have admitted to destroying the evidence, that would answer when did they access my records and why the date keeps changing, i had to laugh last week, i saw an article where head of division of revenue said he could not answer senator grassly lee's question because i had not signed a waiver, not true,t got to point in beginning of
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this investigation, every morning i woke up, had my coffee and signed a waiver. i have an e-mailromim, i said, do have you all of the waivers, can you proceed? he said yes, that is a way to cover-up and hide there is something truly grievous going on. and i want to poi out, if he is saying this information i so private, and he has to protect my pr privacy, we cannot turn it over tooa senate member without permission from me, why did he give per mission to a low ranking delaware government employee to come in saturday and access. neil: the bottom line, have y given them the permission or waiver. but i remember this about all of du up and the media, piling on theccusations, when you were running. now the mainstream media, once
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to be came clear that the irs was targeting prominent conservatives, and groups such as you and yours, that now it is not a story. so back what you are running big story, now not a story. what do you make of that? >> t means there might have been some injustice. it got to the poi where -- i almost looked worse denying. trust me it's a computer error. the irs admitted it was a computer error. neil: you can never get out ahead with that. you are right. >> i final gave up, and that is why i was thrilled when criminal investigator ce to me in january, told me they it evidence. i will say because of senator grassley, his diligence, and his refusal to accept the ridiculous excuses that just don't make
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sense, seemed to contradict each other, i have had upport at least on the grassroots level. media might not see this for the scandal that it is, quite yet. i believe more facts are going to come out, more will be revealed about who is behind it, i have gotten so many e-mails and letters of support. when i am at store if delaware, people say, i don't agree with your politics but i support you for standing up and keep fighting back. for the most part at least where the voters are concerned. the population is concerns, people are rallies behind it, they recognize what a serious offense this. is. neil: they figure thereby the grace of god could go i, they don't like it. >> and not only that with obamacare coming up. the irs? is going to be overseeing the
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medical database? imagine when the irs has access to your medical records what that will be used. did you ever take viagra wer or were you on antidepressant, for the sake of political fairness, we have to get to the bottom of this, if people are guilty of wrong doing they should be paying for this. eric holder's office should be held for ignoring this. we know that treasure inspector general did suggestion prosecution, at least one of the cases, where a candidate or donor had their -- >> you are right there is a lot more on top of. we're not going to let go of this, we think a lot is at stake whatever your political point of view. when a agency targets you, it is not fun, it was not fun, has not
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been, kristine o'dnell thank you ver much. >> thank you, neil. neil: biggest retail ever versus the biggest critic ever. when ralph nader talks on walm
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neil: unions are furious at walmart so is ralph, ralph nader wants the retailer to pay its workers more. and he is pushing washington d.c. to sign the bill to force walmart and other big box retailer to do just that. ralp nader said this is just
11:22 pm
threat, they should still pay the money now. ralph, good to have you back. >> thank you, neil. neil: i wondered that good intentions sometimes backfire, whatever your sentiment regarding walmart paying higher wages, if they just leave dc and pay no wages, what have you won? >> there is a bank for cooperative that can support the estaishment of good modern food co-ops in those areas under serve. neil: would they make up there up for 3,000 jobs. >> far more, they are more labor intensive. neil: but co-ops would have appeared theidn't. >> no, the powers that be in dc like big box stores. neil: not the coun the council t voted to step on them. >> that i a good move.
11:23 pm
head of walmart makes $11,000 hour that is more than the head of wmart made in 1968, why are million walmart workers today making ls in adjusted wages than workers made in 1968. would you work for less than what a talk show host made in 1968, let's get real. neil: ralph, i know your sympathies for the workers in that expensive city. but what about average folks who work in that city who are faced with high consumer prices every day, and walmart with $ 4 prescription drug, say what you will, low price every day items in a city that offers anything bu where is there relief? >> they can still open walmart, no one is twisting their arms they pay $10.25 to $12.50 in ontario. neil: i hear what you say, butt
11:24 pm
if walmart leaves and follows good on its threat. then where do those consumers go for that relief? >> they do is a shop where they are shopping now. over the border to maryland or to other parts of dc . neil: what does that tell you at you have to take a subway a bus to get a dl when walmart could have been right in our home? >> it tells you that politicians have not been operating to get good retail stores inhose wards they did to get in ward 8 with giant foods. neil: you think it would not be any different. if walma were unionized would the council caused so much as a dust up over this? >> probably not. neil: what does tha tell rph nader? >> there should be no double standard, against angel -- antin
11:25 pm
unionized paying living wages. neil: ralph, true to your knit, you practice what you preach, you have never enriched off of what you tried to target all your life. so that is my compliment. here is my criticism. that with theest of intenons then, you are missing the obvious. that if those workers were so abused you would think in ralph nade are's world they are chained to cash registers or store shelves, i don't see that. i see a lot of people grateful for the job and opportunity, yet you are all butou know like likening them to en tee en dentd servitude. >> background for minimum wage, you work full time you should have enough to rch the bare necessities of life. that is not the case with walmart, they advise their low
11:26 pm
paid workers, how to get food stamps, earned income credit, housing subsidies, and -- >> what should hourly we be? for them? >> minimum of what it would be in 1968, adjusted forward, $10.50, is that too much to ask, back to 1968? when the head of walmart, his cohorts are making thousands of dollars. neil: whatalmart said it is paying on average that and well north ralph nade are saier said. >> the word avege could you are smart enough to know you could drown in river with average dep of 3 feet, they bring in super advisory executive and role it scott average, they don't give -- it in the average could if they give you mad median they are making less than they made in 1968 adjusted for inflation. neil: if those was between a higher wageor those workers
11:27 pm
and a higher price on all sorts of for washington dc shoppers, you would tell the shoppers, i think you could live with this, i think for betterment of mankindou would do this? >> if they shift all of the wages, increased to $12 an hour, say they pay $12. the economic study showed that is they don't take it out of their thousands of dollars per hours wages, if they shift it all to consumer, it would be 46-cents per shopper trip. more -- >> where did you get that number? >> i will give you, well documented. number 2. more consumer demand mean more wages, more johns jobs it is a great econonomy stimulus, it sas taxpayer the low wageworkers don't have to go on housing assistance a much and food stamps and the rest. by the way, if you want details
11:28 pm
on this, time for a raise do the .. org. you didnnt mention my new book. neil: i apologize. >> told you so, neil, if you read this book you will become a new neil. neil: iust disvered other anchors are getting paid here, ralph nader thank y very much. >> thank y you're welcome. neil: all right, myland, and connecticut, and georgia, and ohio, health care excnges come in, bi big insurers opt out. aetna is the latest, this former ceo on why it will not be clients are always learning more to make their money do more. (ann) to help me plan my next move, i take scottrade's free, in-branch seminars... plus, their live webinars. i use daily market commentary to improve my strategy.
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specially formulated with moisturizers and lubricants, biotene can pride soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy, too. [ applause ] biotene -- foreople who suffer from dry mouth. neil: here setback, another health care surprise, president delaying another provision of his healthcare law, this time pushing back cap on people's out of pocket medical expenses,er we're tood that is pushed to 2015 ron, very good to have you, is this in trouble? is it in trouble? >> i think it is not in fundamental trouble. i think there will be delay or
11:32 pm
anges anything this complicated. with tens of to uses of regulations, and not market tested is likely to go through a lot of change 92 but constant delays and revisions, exisming this group that group, bringing in this group out that group, almost like a recipe in progress, a trillion-dollar one at that. >> at the end of the day it was a noble gesture it take to make sure that people who did not have coverage had coverage. neil: why change it for those who wanted it. >> there were a lot of ways that were simpler. the reality it is the law of the land. i think that health plans and businesses are committed to try to implement it best as they can. neil: you mentioned it is the
11:33 pm
law of the land. there have been many constitutional purists, who say the more you delay and alt this, the more you change the law, and break the law, and say by doing this stuff, are killing it. are you? >> i would leave it to the constitutional purists who argue that i focus on the health plans that are fundamental to try to make it work are committed to rticipate in those geographies where they can find sound rates. i think that the big challenge when you do something like this, you take it out of the marketplace, and you put itn the political arena. where states have created exchanged where health plans can believe what they believe their clm costs will be you will see good robust -- >> aetna and others have sai this does not make good business sense we're out of here.
11:34 pm
>> i wou say, i don't speak for ana or any company in particular. i would say if you look at states that health plans are not actively i they are states where the determination of und rates were overridden by the exchae administrator who want a insurance rate that is politically popular. but in the judgment of health plan does not support actual cal--calculates. neil: how could people not see if you topped insure -- ifou wanted to insure 30 million americans, keep kids on your licyntil they are 26, that premiums you'llot go up and not up a lot. how could any objective ownerrer rer observer see that train wreck coming. >> my point of view that covering more people is a good thing to do. we should tell people, yes, it will cost more. i believe that w should finan
11:35 pm
it broadly, one thing that is not known that health premium actually includes a tax, which over 10 years, represents several of billions of dollars. neil: cover them for this, you dohat you say, and you are considered a cadillac plan for which are you taxed, almost punished again, you are rob the no matter whi way you go. that is a view that a lot of folks have there is no upside to this. >> there is upside if you do not have coverage orb hav or have ak child, or a preexisting condition. neil: do you think this was a mistake? >> it is difcult do say that, i think it was well-intentioned, i think it was over-engiieered. the process that creates the bill of flawed. neil: you do not believe it is dead and done?
11:36 pm
>> i do not. we have an obligation we make certain to find a way of covering people. neil: do you think this is a trojan-horse way to get rid of insurance compani. and maket a single pay system ask government decides this and. >> i actually don't. a lot of ways that experience that government is having they are trying to recreate many of the functions of insurance companies have spent hundreds of years getting good doing, they will learn this is not so easy. neil: you are right ron williams former ceo of aetna we'll see. in the meantime, elan musk. travel as we know it today, for get to get -- forget the hyper loop, find out how jetblue is
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neil: it would be the biggest airline in the word, today washington saying no w, suing merger between american airlines and u.s. airways claims that combo would drivep fares, is this lawsuit fair? that leads off biz blitz tonight. gary what do you think, why this o? >> i'm going against the business. if this occurs for airlines -- 4 airlines will control over 80% of routes in u.s., over lt couple ofears, check how mh you have been paying for air paiairfares and fees, it has bee obscene, ttere is too were monopoly.
11:40 pm
>> i don't think tt the government should get involved. there will be 4 carriers that is denition of comtition, 4 different carriers competing to bring prices down. i am not so sure tt this justice deputy understands how business -- justice department understands h business works airles are in the business of making money, yes, they have low fair airlines they did it to make money, the airlinesave to make a profit. there is less competition, and priceso back, i am against this. neil, regulation, this is one of the most regulated businesses in the world. when reagan deregulated. fares went dn, stock prices went up and more people had access to travel. neil: they had t change that it cost airlines again. we'll see, long lines no more, jetblue is letting flyers skip baggage claim, and get luggage shipped to their door.
11:41 pm
it will spied up travel right -- speed up travel right now, which is a more pressing concern. >> i love the idea, when i travel with my family, i am the pack mule. if i have a way to checky bags and have them delivered, i love the idea. neil: gary, i know travels commando we'll just leave it at that. but what d you me of jetblue doing this? >> well, etblue is just joining other airlines that are partners up with a lot of the companies, if it is a viable, why not. a lot of people don't want to deal with handling bags, and waiting. keep in mind you are paying a fee to airlines, and a fee to the company, i believe you can't anymore than 100-miles away from airport, above 40-miles you are paying more than theegular fee. neil: if you are not in city very lon it is a 4 hour rule,
11:42 pm
40 bucks minimum. in the meantime, ignore the sue in apple stock to hear larry ellison tl it. saying it is all friend and buddy steve jobs were around today an el might hav have -- ae might have a shot, but steve is dead, larry says so ii apple. >> under steve jobs, they went om desktop to mouse to ipod on iphone and ipad. larry i think he called steve jobs picasso. he is aisionary, and quite entrepreneur. so, apple will lead leadership to innovate. if in a don't innovate -- innovate, and they just come out wi iphone 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 they need to innovate. neil: that depends on what they
11:43 pm
look like down the road? >> most defnet please, i get it what -- dinitely, i get it what larry ellison said, there is no person more tied to that company than steve jobs, he turned company into an amazing company. will it be tough to replacement if they did not come up with cool items,nd things that people really want and clamor for, i think he may be right. neil: do you think, given come back -- nowhere nr 700 bucks it was fetching a while back, but up a hundred bucks from its lows, what are we to make of apple right now as a buy. >> i think that happened it go got to 9 or 10 times earnings, value players came in, carl icahn taking a big position, with his reputation, people are getting a little bit excited very cheap. but if they continue to have down earnings and sales that are
11:44 pm
flat, stocks will go nowhere. they will needore category killers going forward. neil: ty brennan? >> they need to come out with something cool, and innovated. without that, again, they will be religated to an average tech company. neil: lookt research and motion blackberry, now up for sale, thank you very much. >> thank you. neil: fed up, now filing out, remember when we told you about the individua leaving the country, they have a conga line of corporations behind them, the exodus that is
11:45 pm
11:46 pm
11:47 pm
neil: stacked out, just -- taxed out, nowust moving out are tax
11:48 pm
laws forcing corporations to move abroad or at very least move around, good for them but dan mitchell said potentially bad for us, the more they shift, the more we're in deep -- shift, he didn't say that, i just elaborated on what i think is gest of his remarks. dan thank you. >> there are two reasons why it shaping, fst we have highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world. and then second, we actually tax on a worldwide basis, to an american company, multination competing for market share, like ireland has to pay irish tax and a u.s. tax on top of that, almost no other countries in the world do that. it is in interest of a company not to be dom i domiciled in a y like america.
11:49 pm
if you do a cross-border merger, you say, gee, the company in another country is the parent and u.s. company is a subsidiary. this hour thees hurt, sometimess not. but in the long run, ifhe parent company is overseas, where does that mean the high-value executive jobs are? where does that likely mean high-value r&d jobs are not in our interes to have a punitive tax system in very least we'll drive out high-end, top paid jobs out of the u.s. >> the must be something going on, we're just off this irs revelation that a number of indivvduals have actually renounced their citizenship to leave because of the high taxes that is double in the first quarter. and that it is picking up more
11:50 pm
steam. the aggregate numbers are malty are rapidly in-- small they are rapidly increasing. this is the version of companies ying the same. >> it is, and whether you talk about individuals or companies, if our tax code is so punitive, shouldn't that like be a wake-up call? maybe we should fix it? if you are sweating to death, you find out it is 105 degrees in your apartment, do you blame the thermometer or? though, you figure out a way it cool down the temperatures, politician are blames the individuals who are ex pay the the rating -- ex pay the rating, at the en of the it day, we're still shoots ourselves not just in the foot we're breakingure knees, andracturing our hips, and cutting off our arms that is how bad u.s. system is.
11:51 pm
neil: do you think that lowering corporate rate, is the answer? a lot of republicans said it is aatrojan horse, in the end you take away the allowances and special credits their real rate will still be very high. president offered them nothing. >> here is the problem with the president's plan, let's say that you are a company, and president said, hey, i'm going to lower your corporate tax rate by 20%, but then i'll force you to over state your income by 30%. you will come out behind. if you look at details, they are very boring but actual details on what president is looking at would force companies to over state their income, so their rate comes down they might pay or in many cases they would pay more. what you have to did is just slash the corporate tax rate, there is a lot of research out the there, that we're on the wrong side of the curb on were
11:52 pm
corporate tax. we s country in world with lower rates they collect more corporate revenue as a share of gdp . there will be more jobs in america, and piticians will get more revenue. neil: is isn't -- always good to have you on, thank you very much. >> see you later, nile. neil: what is worse than ignoring a crisis? what if i told you forming a commission to look into a crisis. the president is pretty good at it. but the latest task he is deciding to enforce, it will in today's markets, a lot can happen in a second. with fidelity's guaranteed one-seco trade execution, we route your order to up to 75 mark centers to look for the best possible ice -- maybe even better than you expected. it's all part of our goal to execute your trade in oneecond. i'm derrick chan of felity investments.
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11:55 pm
jedediah, another commission, i should have bought stock of leather bound binders of this guy, given the fact that we have a lot of reports, not a lot of action on. >> he puts james clapper on it, he was asked if american's data was tapped into he said no, he had to go back, and s i was wrong. now americans are supposed to trust this guy who already misled congress. this is ridiculous. the president wants to appear on top of it, he had a lot of outrage from people, he needs to look like he is engaged. neil: better than nothing? >> in perspective, if snowden did not come out with his big revelation, this would not be topic of conversation for american public. it never wou have been discussed it would have been buried. i believe he was in favor of what nsa was doing this
11:56 pm
operation -- >> you sayg he knew? >> i say i find it difficult to believe as an american citizen he did not a clue at extend of what they are doing, he is our coder in chief, he is in charge. iin my mind, how many committees e worth while? >> that is what i was thinking, commissions and their work pile up largely ignored. >> you are putting james clapper in charge of investigating james clapper, he is in charge of investigatng -- >> you find that odd? >> bizarre, and i watch that press conrence, it was a great defense of obamacare, but a horrible defense of this. because, you are right. no president wants toave another 9/11 on their watch. nobody. they will go to whatever measures they will go to to prevent it from happening, i think measures a way too
11:57 pm
extreme. i'm not comfortable them. i am opposed to it. it has gone wayyoverboard, so, my attitude is, don't have another commission, you know what you are doing, you don't need t to investigate it, clappr investigating clap ser really clper is really stupid. stop it. >> why we need to cohave commissions. we have commissions because some of the more prominent wants are bolting the door, others are giving lip service. should we go around the commission route, they take a great deal of time, usually by time theyome up with solutions, heat is gone. no one gives a damn. >> it makes them look busy appear like they are doing a job. neil: unless you do it too much. >> good news is that american people don't buy it aasmussen
11:58 pm
poll shows that 11% of americans believe that what president is suggestions will prevent or be better at preventing their individual privacy rights from being infring. this is not going to help. do something. >> look at irs -- >> the same as saying a got a bleblueribbon panel looking int. >> what is that? neil: not that, it is a commission. >> when irs scandal broke, well you know they were supposed to benvestigating these people, but they were really looking at these people. that is what we'll find. what is really going on is what we're trying to get to, i think that thi commission is not going to find what is really going on. if it were public knowledge. congress can't talk about some of the laws that exist. they are secret laws. we have secret laws?
11:59 pm
what is that. >> this commission is reporting to james clapper, what are they reporting to james clapper that james clapper does not already know. neil: i don'tnow what is more scary, that james clapper oversees this or you share our collective rage. >> i do. i just hope you share that collective re when the next president comes along. james clapper, they will investigate, he will say you got about 8 right. >> oma is defending it, saying this is not a problem. i say it could be a future potential problem. you have to james clapper component in. and i think this will achieve nothing but makehem look busy, and make them look important. neil: good or bad? >> i think it is a bad thing, but you know, i understand he bows to political pressure to look like he is doing some. >> i just got news, i'm in
12:00 am
charge of the national health and fitness commission. i'll let you know how that goes, twinkies for everyone. we'll see you tomorrow, tha of 12.4 billion. david:hen will earnings be over. "money" wi lori rothman next. >> hi, i'm lori rothman in for melissa tonight. here's what's "money." the government steps in to squash us air's merger with erican airlines. it is creating severe turbulence for the entire airline industry but is it a victory for you and fellow travelers? we crunch theumbers. stepping out the e-cigaret boom. should they beegulated like normal cigarettes? why one ciiy's crack down could be a nightmare for the industry and public health nightmare across the country. >> "who made money today." board cage rattling is all the rage on wall street and these guys making a killing on it. keep watching to find out who it is. even when they say it's not it is always about

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